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Signs, Planets, and Houses

Ever wonder how the signs planets and houses interact?

Reading a natal chart is quite learnable. It is done by taking one step at
a time. The planet represents the "what" or the expression; the sign
represents the style; the house represents the territory. Knowing key
words and themes for each sign, each planet and each house is the starting point. Then, we put some pieces together. Let's take some simple examples.

Jim has a Leo Sun in the 4th house. We could say that he has come to shine and to self-actualize (Sun) with a style that takes on the role of a performer or comedian (Leo) in the context of family and those with whom he has strong emotional ties (fourth house). He will feel centered and alive
(Sun) when he is bringing out the best in (Leo) those he loves and feels a sense of kinship with (4th).

Mary has a Gemini Moon in the 6th house. We could say that she is fed
emotionally and feels at home (Moon) when utilizing her ability to learn, to communicate, to hone skill, and to network in the territory of ideal work and self-improvement (6th). Self-improvement (6th) will come through Gemini activities like writing, reading, and learning. She will get in touch with her feelings (Moon) when she communicates them (Gemini).

Jared has Mars in Cancer in the 10th house. He has come to be a warrior in developing necessary courage to assert himself (Mars) with a sensitive, protective, compassionate, nurturing quality (Cancer) in the territory of career and professional reputation (10th house). He could do this through counseling the troubled, through social services work, through law enforcement, or even through becoming a chef.

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The Signs

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The Planets

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The Houses

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