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Astrological Roadmaps

Uranus symbolizes our potential for original thinking, for progressive social and scientific visions, for genius, for rebellion from outmoded laws, and for unique creativity. It represents the force of revolution and change. By sign and house, it symbolizes lessons we must face in order to break from the safety and conditioning of cultural conformity. It is the place that calls us to our unique and individual expression which needs freedom to be different from the crowd. It inspires us to call our own shots to question authority. It is where we may be called upon to own our unique perspective as it differs from social or cultural norms.

An unhealthy expression of Uranian energy can be seen in stubbornness, irresponsibility, or rebellion and eccentricity without a cause. We might create chaos without understanding why. We must respond to Uranus in a way that frees us to shape our individuality. We are challenged to own our originality by remaining true to our perspective in the face of opposition or group exile. We must use Uranian intelligence to question the cultural status quo in a way that purposefully reforms. Then we have given ourselves more freedom to express our chosen path and unique capabilities.

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