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Posted 08/04/2007

1st - House of Personality and Being: personal style; the mask ;assertiveness; leadership capacity; how we 'dawn' on others; the lens through which we see the world; what activates energy; who we are 'becoming'

2nd - House of Money Security and Values: material and psychological resources; self-esteem; proving ourselves to ourselves; what we can count on after we've earned it; what we need for constancy and stability

3rd - House of Communication: paradigms of thought; how we learn and exchange information; how we speak and listen; early education. Siblings are also found here.

4th - House of Home and Roots: family of origin; heritage; early emotional dynamics; the deep inner emotional self; finding your clan; bonded family ties

5th - House of Children Play and Creativity: self-expression; renewal through play and recreation; creativity; how talent comes alive; what needs love to come alive; relationships with children; romance style; love affairs

6th - House of Ideal Work Skill and Health: Competence and craftsmanship in a skill; taking responsibility;discipleship; service ;health and illness issues

7th - House of Marriage Intimacy and Committed Partnership: Styles and requirements for intimacy; mating; courtship and partnership.

8th - House of Death Psychological Transformation and Surrender: Instincts - sexuality and sexual bonding; sharing resources with others; healing ;change and transformation; dealing with the Dark; making peace with death; fusion with others

9th - House of Intuition and Belief Systems: Expansion; breaking up routines; educational and spiritual journeying; the quest for truth; the meaning of life ; direct intuitive experience

10th - House of Honor Reputation and Career: Mission; social status; destiny; career; leadership; cosmic job description

11th - House of Friends: Personal goals and others who support them ;networking; group identification; setting priorities and goals; humanitarian concerns; social and political focus

12th - House of the Subconscious: Spiritual consciousness; developing compassion; self-transcendence; engaging addictions and other patterns of self-undoing; connecting directly with the Divine; using imagination; retreat to sacred space

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