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The Ascendant

-The Ascendant-

Astrological Roadmaps
The Ascendant is the sign that was on the eastern horizon at our birth and is the cusp of the first house. It suggests the style with which we approach life, how we assert and pursue our goals, how we like to look and present ourselves in public. As our personal style, it represents how we meet the world, how we "dawn" on people or first appear to them, and how we might engage socially. It is this style of interaction that makes us feel centered, grounded, and comfortable in the environment we are in. When we are using this energy effectively, we feel as though we "have our act together". The Ascendant also suggests something about what we are becoming in the shaping of our identity, what our window on the world is, and what we are sensitive to in the environment.

A poorly functioning Ascendant enfenders a lack of confidence to meet the world and to interact. There could be self-defeating or self-effacing behaviors such as lack of direction or purpose, or a sense of defeat. A healthy Ascendant expression enables a person to present himself with confidence, ease, and poise, and with a clear sense of purpose and direction. Its sign reflects particular lessons we have come to master in order to present ourselves effectively in the world.

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