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February 19 - March 20

- Pisces -
The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Poet, The Seer, The Creative Artist, The Psychic Sponge, The Space Cadet, The Chameleon

Astrological Roadmaps for Pisceans
"I can't figure out where I leave off and everyone else begins." - George McCabee

Ruled by Neptune and associated with the twelfth house, Pisces is a mutable water sign. Piscean energy inspires the need and ability to become compassionate, imaginative, gentle, flexible, and easy going. Within an individual's birth chart, Piscean planets fuel the desire to understand one's inner psychology, to be creative, to become a force of spiritual hope and guidance, and to develop skills for awakening one's Soul. Ultimately Pisces is challenged to find a medium for expressing universal love, unity, and understanding, be it through dance, music, drama, poetry, meditation, psychotherapy or through scientific or humanitarian mediums.

Those driven by the higher calling of Piscean inspiration are drawn towards conquering the inner dragons of self delusion, addiction, self pity, pride and vanity, so that that which is false or has been acquired wrongly through the influence of others, is dissolved leaving in its wake the pure essence of one's Soul and Destiny. This is akin to being in an enlightened state of inner peace and understanding. Through the dissolution of her false personality and all its accompanying negativity, comes the spiritual recognition of her affinity and unity with all people and how she can best serve others. It is through this great journey of inner alchemy that Pisces experiences the innate suffering that all humans are subject to. By consciously working to transcend her personal neurosis, consciously working to transform her acquired patterns of suffering and confusion into positive self-expression, Pisces grows a soul of deep compassion, one capable of forgiving those that have injured her.

Those endowed with strong Pisces qualities are often drawn towards redeeming themselves by alleviating the suffering of others. She must be very careful to draw clear boundaries between herself and those she seeks to help by learning the primary Pisces lesson, that is, knowing the difference between genuinely helping others, as opposed to trying to save others. For the Pisces, the temptation to imagine they can actually save the soul of another can be compelling, and can lead her into psychological and spiritual territory that is not her business, even though inspired by loving intention. In fact, attempting to save another becomes an unwitting way that she weakens another by trying to do his work for him. What she must learn is how to deliver quality compassion, insight, and inspiration, so that those who can and want to, will utilize their guidance as they see fit.

At her worst Pisces can be the "cosmic sponge" who soaks in the psychological and emotional suffering of those around her, thus becoming overwhelmed, immobilized and depressed. She can then fall prey to the shadow side of Pisces, that of the "space cadet" or the "drunk and drug addict," numbing her pain through addictive or escapist behaviors that lock her onto a personal treadmill of suffering. This unnecessary fate is often avoided by learning the art of meditation, and by taking regular sanctuary for reflection, creativity, and inner work. As she masters the ability to deliver right compassion to those in need, no longer draining herself by futile attempts to save others, her sense of direction becomes clearer and straighter. With time and hard work, she learns to channel her psychological predispositions into painting, poetry, writing, dancing, music, or photography. She walks the path of "The Mystic", becoming truly conscious of the great mystery that plays through the waters of her awareness. In quieting her inner demons and illusions, she attunes to the ever-present benevolence of the Great Father and Mother within her. In her finest form she becomes a compassionate and inspirational force of healing for others, giving away to others the great gift of spirit she has acquired through her intense inner labors.

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