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Astrological Roadmaps
Jupiter is the planet of expansion and faith. It represents what brings confidence, hope, and optimism if we nurture the gifts there. By activating the qualities that Jupiter represents by sign and house, we can tap into great gifts and abilities, abundance, and maybe even some good luck. We may need to exaggerate its qualities by sign and house to awaken ourselves to its highest potential. Jupiter represents what we believe in and is what gives us a sense of bouyancy and good spirits. Jupiter likes a laugh and may tell us something about our sense of humor.

The downside of Jupiterian energy can be excesses or overinflation in its expression. If an exaggerated Jupiter expression causes us to become dogmatic or carried away with our perspective, then lessons of conscience, restraint, or spiritual integrity may be in order. Because Jupiter represents our belief system by sign and house, we may be wearing our blinders in its territory. Jupiter can get caught up in pomposity or foolish overoptimism so that we take our good luck or gifts for granted. However, if we use our Jupiterian gifts with intelligence, we can tap into intuition about where to take leaps of faith, and ultimately, inspire a strong sense of faith in life.

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