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Astrological Roadmaps

Pluto is the planet of transformation and change. It represents an intense concentration of psychological and emotional energy that manifests through obsessions, compulsions, unconscious drives and passions that must be transformed and alchemized into healthy, conscious expression in order to be useful and potent. Often representing an initial wounding experience, Pluto reflects buried potential, that is, qualities of being that have been hidden or distorted by fear, threats or emotional insult. It therefore symbolizes a healing center where we must work on “soul retrieval.”

As we retrieve our genuine “soul” qualities and transform fixed addictive obsessions and fears into conscious awareness, we awaken personal clarity regarding our life’s mission and destiny. In this manner, Pluto represents our quest for purpose and meaning and, by house and sign, symbolizes psychological habits that must undergo profound change creating the possibility for the great Phoenix of conscious awareness to rise up through the ashes of our terror. If we fail to tap into the genuine path of truth that Pluto requires of us, we fall prey to the “shadow” of Pluto: personal nihilism, our capacity to manipulate others, a sense of purposelessness about our life, or a hunger for or abuse of power that is not ours to wield. A successful Plutonian navigation will take us on an intense journey from death to rebirth where we will battle many of the fanged psychological entities that inhabit and stifle our soul’s expression, and when conquered and destroyed, leave us with the personal power our Soul would approve of. It is in this manner that Plutonian obsession is satisfied.

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