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July 23 - August 22

- Leo -
The King, The Queen, The Aristocrat, The Performer, The Movie Star, The Comedian, The Child

Astrological Roadmaps for Leos
"Always star in your own movie." - Ken Kesey

Leo, ruled by the Sun and associated with the fifth house, represents fixed fire energy. Leo signifies dynamic and creative self-expression, the development of a strong and resilient ego, the capacity to celebrate life with spontaneity and joy, and the ability to trust pleasure and fun. Leo is challenged to develop a generosity of spirit that is poured out to an appreciative audience. He can shine brightly and dramatically as the Performer, Clown, or Star, dramatically expressing his finest talents through a chosen creative medium.

Leo as the King, Queen, or Aristrocrat is a leader who has attained status or recognition for his accomplishment, bravery, or high standards of competence. At his very best he demonstrates the raw courage to put himself on stage in full view of others. He says, "I have led the way, I have reached the pinnacle of success, I celebrate myself, and you can do the same."

A pitfall of Leo expression can rest in the development of excessive self-absorption and self-importance. Hypnotized by the vanity of ego and caught up in the illusion of greatness or privilege, he could live a vain and shallow life even though outwardly successful. If Leo gets caught in the web of excessive pride, arrogance, and privilege, or fails to appreciate the reality of his own foibles, he will eventually lose his appreciative audience and the recognition he seeks. Leo may need to learn humility, and to admit being wrong on occasion. Leo could also get caught up in being the "cute little boy" or in staging childish dramas as a way of getting attention instead of taking responsibility for positive self-development. Untapped capacities result in unhappiness for Leo.

At his very best, Leo shines as the Star who is able to raise his talents to the highest pinnacle of expression, to perform under pressure with self-confidence, excellence and charisma. He reflects the power of the individual to express himself in the spotlight, to dramatize and live life to the fullest, to be a radiant beacon of optimism, hope, and joy. In so doing, he gains the respect, applause, admiration, and love of others.

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