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Twelfth House

-Twelfth House -

Unconscious Territory

Astrological Roadmaps

The Twelfth House, associated with Pisces, has traditionally been called the House of Self-Undoing. It represents and contains lessons relating to navigating and understanding our inner psychological world. Navigating successfully here, we can instigate profound alchemical changes that transform patterns of suffering, escapism, victimization, self-pity and self-delusion into the acquisition of inner freedom, a sense of self-transcendence, and spiritual connection with our Real Self. Here lie the blind spots that require deep inner work to access. Often sanctuary, solitude, and a trust in others to guide us are needed to get in touch with and integrate what lies in the Twelfth House. Creative processes may be inspired in this house and can be important avenues to channeling our expression of these themes.

Poor navigation of the Twelfth House shows up as hopelessness, despair, defeat, escapism, mental imbalance, and addictions. Successful navigation of this territory requires facing psychological "unidentified flying objects" in such a way that we gain inner awareness and are able to tap into and be sustained by a sense of the presence of a benevolent Spirit that guides the universe. What lies here tells us something about what we must do in order to instigate a genuine spiritual awakening.

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