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The Sun  

-The Sun-

Astrological Roadmaps
The SUN represents our basic sense of self and our path of authenticity and self-realization. Just as the Sun is the hub of the solar system, it is our core identity, our life's essence, our individuality, and the center of our psyche. It shows how we have come to SHINE, and where we have the potential to radiate light and shine like a star. The Sun lights up an area probably previously lacking in light and heat, and its sign and house position tell us through what style and through what kinds of experiences we are to develop a cohesive self-image and ego. Some people resonate with their Sun sign early on; others do not. For most, the development of the Sun is a continuously evolving process. The Sun may represent impressions we acquired from Father, and subsequently messages around masculinity and the assertion of personal power.

A weak response to the Sun's energy can leave us cranky, bored, excessively egotistical, selfish, or pompous. A strong response to the Sun's energy provides a strong sense of identity and distinction, a healthy ego, and a sense of well-being and self-empowerment. We must feed ourselves with positive growth experiences by the Sun's sign and house so that conscious integration of the identity takes place. When we master these new lessons in the development of Will, we gain a deep sense of well-being and self-esteem.

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