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The Moon  

-The Moon-

Astrological Roadmaps
The Moon represents our emotional nature and style, how we feel things instinctively and subjectively, and how we tend to express, process, and interpret feelings. It suggests our sense of home and belonging, what makes us feel nurtured and comforted, and how we tend to nurture others. It may represent our early childhood and how we experienced Mom, and therefore, our impressions about femininity, nurturing, and motherhood. Because the Moon experience is a familiar one, we may retreat to the Moon when the going gets tough. Because the Moon reflects our instinctive patterns of hunger and our need for safety and dependency, we must feed the lunar expression through the style and activities of its sign and house in order to attain a sense of happiness, to give ourselves a sense of security and emotional well-being. Or, the Moon's placement might tell us something about what we have come to get comfortable with on an emotional level.

A weak response to the Moon's expression engenders a sense of unhappiness, moodiness, boredom, or emotional dysfunction that allows unconscious irrational responses to dictate unhealthy behavior. A well-functioning Moon results in a sense of emotional well-being and happiness that comes through experiences suggested by the Moon's sign and house placement. We might then feel as though we are in touch with our soul.

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