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Eleventh House

-Eleventh House -

The Territory of Community and Goals

Astrological Roadmaps
The Eleventh House, traditionally called The House of Friends, is associated with Aquarius. It involves our role in the community and with friends and associates, and shows us something about our friendship criteria. Our community may be a social group much larger than our friends; it may involve our relationship to our town or city, to our country, or to the world at large. This house, therefore, contains our humanitarian, cultural, and political concerns and is where we learn "social studies". Our lessons include not only those about community and how we sacrifice our individual agendas for the greater need of humanity, but also our lessons about our relationship to the future.

Poor navigation of this house can result in a sense of vagueness of purpose, lack of commitment to goals, or friends who contribute to a sense of drifting. Here we must set goals, plan our future and inform our sense of purpose and direction. We are to form a community of friends and associates that support us and help us achieve our goals, and to form a relationship with our community that serves others.

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