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November 23 - December 21

- Sagittarius -
The Gypsy, The Philosopher, The Student, The Explorer, The Anthropologist, The Minister

Astrological Roadmaps for Sagittarius
"I have tried in my time to be a philosopher, but I don't know how; cheerfulness was always breaking in." - Oliver Edwards

Ruled by Jupiter and associated with the ninth house, Sagittarius represents mutable fire energy. The evolutionary goal of Sagittarius is to develop faith and a sense of life's purpose so that he is sustained by optimism and hope. Sagittarius takes leaps of faith into exploring unknown cultures and philosophies; he goes on an educational and spiritual journey and develops an intuitive resonance with what generates faith for him. The Sagittarian quest is to sample a wide variety of perspectives, to grasp the wholeness of life, and to find his philosophical and spiritual place within it. Sagittarius learns and teaches, bestowing generosity and benevolence on others, and can become an inspirational force of faith for others. Optimism, good humor, adventurousness, and enthusiasm are hallmarks of Sagittarius.

A pitfall of Sagittarius can lie in being overly optimistic when caution is genuinely needed. Too much confidence, self-importance, or laziness from expecting things to come easily can be applications of misdirected faith. Sagittarius can overindulge, and find that creditors come calling. Another pitfall can rest in getting overly attached to dogma and being stuck in his own opinions. Therefore, breaking up routines of thought and action are important to Sagittarius. Sagittarius likes and needs a certain physical freedom in order to do his necessary work of exploration; likewise, he must allow a freedom of thought to emerge as well, in order that his ultimate perspective, philosophy, and faith can emerge.

The highest expression of Sagittarius is attained when he takes intuitive leaps of faith into exploring unknown territory, and expands his awareness and philosophical framework. He attains an unshakable faith that has emerged from the wisdom he has gleaned from his exploration. Then, he can be a great teacher who uses generosity, benevolence and gregariousness in inspiring others on a philosophical and spiritual quest.

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