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March 21 - April 20

- Aries -
The Leader, The Warrior, The Adventurer, The Crusader, The Champion, The Pioneer, The Knight, The Dare-Devil, The Survivor

Astrological Roadmaps for Aries
"I'm going to fight hard. I'm going to give them hell." - Harry S. Truman

Aries, ruled by Mars and associated with the first house, represents cardinal fire energy and is known for his fiery passion. Aries seeks and needs intense adventures and can be blunt, aggressive, brave, direct, assertive, visionary, competitive, self-centered, impatient, or impulsive. The Aries evolutionary goal is the development of courage to overcome obstacles of fear or intimidation. Aries must learn to take charge of shaping his individual self-expression by aligning his actions with his desires, by initiating and pursuing his unique experiences, and by leading and pioneering in his chosen field.

When Aries overcomes or outwits his particular demons of fear, he is utilizing Aries fire-power in a healthy way. If Aries fails to face his real tests of courage, he may become irritable, defensive, and angry with those in his life, or pick fights over insignificant issues. Inclined to act quickly and to be attracted to that which is new, he must learn the art of following through and completing the projects he begins. Otherwise he will squander his gifts on endless beginnings. He must also learn to discern between intelligent risk-taking and foolish, impulsive, dare-devil leaps into the unknown. His path to self-realization comes by initiating fearless actions that provide him with the opportunity to express his individuality. As he succeeds in his courageous endeavors, he develops the self-confidence necessary to lead others in their pursuit of adventure and individual self-expression. Need someone to support you in a personal battle? Find an Aries!

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