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January 21-February 18

- Aquarius -
The Rebel, The Exile, The Nonconformist, The Scientist, The Truth-Sayer, The Genius, The Humanitarian

Astrological Roadmaps for Aquarians
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer." - Henry David Thoreau

Ruled by Uranus and associated with the eleventh house, the evolutionary goal of Aquarius is the attainment of originality, unique expression, and an unwavering loyalty to truth. His mission is to think in ways not prescribed by the culture. He is challenged to go against the grain of mass thought, culture, and consciousness. A very intelligent an original thinker, he asks questions that make the status quo squirm. He can be stubborn in maintaining an individual expression and willingly takes on exile status rather than conforming to what he perceives as stupidity. Although Aquarius can sometimes be seen as aloof by not playing to the crowd, humanitarian issues are often central to his concerns in political or social arenas. Aquarius is a futuristic thinker who can communicate his visions for the betterment of society. He is a goal setter with group and community consciousness.

A pitfall of Aquarius can lie in not speaking his truth or perspective out of fear of being annihilated by the group he's in. Another pitfall can lie in being rebellious or eccentric without a cause. Aquarius can develop an arrogance around his intelligence that ultimately isolates him. He might isolate within his intellect to the exclusion of his emotional life or his need for friends.

The highest expression for Aquarius lies in his ability to use his gift of unique visionary thinking to challenge group and societal norms - thinking that stimulates awareness and consciousness in others. He uses his creative intelligence and his individual value system for the improvement of society by stimulating group consciousness and by looking toward the future. Then, he has remained loyal to himself while using his creative intelligence toward humanitarianism and positive cultural change.

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