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Astrological Roadmaps
Chiron, mythologically, represents the wounded healer and the maverick educator. By its sign and house placement it represents how and where we are wounded, and what we must heal in order to access the unique and unusual healing talents symbolized by Chiron. Chiron represents psychological wounds that cannot be removed, altered or changed, but instead must be transcended by the internal transformation of one’s values and perspectives. By acquiring knowledge and understanding in the healing of one’s particular Chiron wounds such that blame and resentment are shifted to acceptance and serenity, one then becomes able to offer hope, teaching, and perhaps unique healing capacities to others. Thus, Chiron challenges us to carry our wounds without cynicism or self-pity, and to utilize them as a source of compassion for the suffering that all humanity endures.

Chiron orbits between Saturn, planet of discipline, structure and limitation, and Uranus, planet of originality, creativity, and individuality. Chiron is said to be a bridge between these two planets. In this manner, Saturn, which represents the skeletal system, and Uranus, the nervous system, are magically linked together in the art of chiropractic healing-truly a Chiron manifestation. Drawing on Greek myth, Chiron is presented as the wounded healer-priest, one who falls prey to an accidental incurable wound who is challenged to find meaning in his suffering through healing others. Thus, Chiron represents the inevitable suffering we are all vulnerable to as human beings, in particular those areas within ourselves that are irrevocably and pointlessly damaged by life. How we respond to these inevitable woundings is Chiron’s challenge and opportunity.

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