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Eighth House

-Eighth House -

The Territory of Surrender

Astrological Roadmaps
The Eighth House, associated with Scorpio, is traditionally called the House of Death or the House of Taboos. It is related to lessons of psychological change and our capacity to deal with the "taboos" of our culture, such as death, sexuality, and the occult. What is stored within the Eighth House is psychological material that needs to be resurrected and transformed. Often our unconscious patterns of negativity comprise this material. These could be expressed as envy, jealousy, repressed anger, justified hatred, greed, or desires for power and revenge. Here we rationalize and enjoy injuring others with our spite, our rumors, our slander, and our lies. Here we confront the darkest side of ourselves.

This house is also associated with our capacity to express healthful sexuality and with our capacity to accept death. Poor functioning here keeps us trapped in psychological patterns of negativity, or keeps us fearful of death or of our sexual expression. Effective navigation of this house leads to a transformation of negativity which, in turn, awakens the genuine essence of our soul. Then, we have the capacity to bond with others on a very deep psychological, spiritual, and sexual level.

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