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September 23 - October 23

- Libra -
The Host/Hostess, The Diplomat, The Peacemaker, The Artist, The Lover, The Counselor

Astrological Roadmaps for Libra
"But I want first of be at peace with myself...I want to live... an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can be translated into outer harmony." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Ruled by Venus and associated with the seventh house, Libra is about learning cooperative efforts to maintain balanced and harmonious relationships. Learning the art of diplomacy and getting others to relax and calm down are endpoints, as well as learning to maintain within oneself a sense of solid inner peace, serenity, and balance. Tapping into aesthetic and artistic beauty can be part of the process of maintaining inner balance. Libra sees the harmonious relationships among texture, color, shape, and form in an artistic way, and can satisfy the need for balance and harmony through creative expression. Libra can be the artist and the counselor.

Acutely sensitive to discord, Libra spots disharmony and is motivated to be a balancer and counselor around it. The downside occurs when he is so wired toward keeping the peace that he doesn't assert his own needs or desires within the context of relationship. Learning that healthy conflict can be an end to achieving balance is often a lesson, as is learning that maintaining outward peace when inner issues are simmering leaves him compromised and out of balance. Very oriented toward the "other", Libra is often adept at spotting the needs of others, but isn't quite so adept at spotting his own needs. He may need to learn discernment between using diplomacy wisely and getting caught up in conflict in which he cannot be effective and dissipates his energy.

Additionally, Libra can have a struggle with decisiveness because of an ability to see paradoxical sides of every issue. If Libra waits out decision-making or allows others to make decisions for him, he isn't making commitments that will ultimately bring that inner sense of harmony he craves. Libra's highest expression is attainment of an unflappable inner peace that carries into the ability to form a peaceful environment both aesthetically and in his relationships with others. He can then be the calming counselor to others, enabling them to relax and feel that sense of ease that he has achieved.

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