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Astrological Roadmaps

Saturn, associated with Capricorn, represents a potent pressure point that often marks an area where we have a good deal of avoidance or attachment. There are several stories on Saturn. It can represent a karmic fear and doubt pattern where we were either criticized, scared, or shamed for its expression. It may represent an area in which we simply have no skill or where we may have not received any instruction or training for its expression. In this case, it is alien territory. We are therefore required to reparent ourselves in this area, and to build a structure for its expression from the bottom up. Becoming a master of Saturn requires that we face and take on the work it suggests and to confront any fears and insecurities associated with it. Saturn's journey requires conscious effort and long and steady work toward its high expression.

If we succumb to not taking on the work that Saturn demands, we are likely to fall prey to a sense of victimhood, depression, cynicism, or hopeless resignation. However, if we take responsibility for applying focus, self-discipline, and commitment to Saturn's lessons, we earn competence and self-mastery in its territory. Then we can be sustained for the long haul by the self-satisfaction and self-respect that we have earned by ourselves.

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