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December 22 - January 20

- Capricorn -
The Hermit, The Prime Minister, The Authority, The Father, The Elder, The Strategist

Astrological Roadmaps for Capricorn
"I am solitary in the vast society of beings...I am in the midst of them, but not OF them." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Associated with Saturn and the tenth house, Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain goat or sea goat who makes the slow, steady climb to the top of the mountain to reach the pinnacle of success. Capricorn is often endowed with patience, persistence, and an unshakable will to achieve her ends. She is challenged to align her work with her values, to be deeply committed to that work, and to never compromise her integrity. She is destined to create a "great work" that pushes her to the culmination of her capability. Requiring solitude in the pursuit of her goals, she often works alone to focus, manage, and structure her ambition. By using patience, organization, conscientiousness, and commitment, she can be an effective manager for others.

A pitfall of Capricorn lies in becoming too rigid, austere, and impersonal. Capricorn could become too status-conscious or could isolate from others too much, and not give her emotional life and personal connections enough attention. Because she is so wired toward a solo journey, she may not be inclined to ask for help when she needs it. Or, she might see life as a daily struggle to rise to the top, and in the process, not trust the competence of others, and develop an overbearing authoritarian image. Capricorn must learn to commit to that which she values, and may, if she fails to align her work with her greatest possibilities for achievement, have career woes in dead-end jobs that leave her bored and complaining. She must take responsibility for her own great work and earn the gains she seeks.

The highest expression of Capricorn lies in learning to structure her commitment and iron will toward the development of her personal integrity and achievement. When she has faced reality with responsibility, integrity, and perseverance, she is a master of the maturation process and can be an authoritative figure of practical wisdom for others.

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