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The Nodes

-The Nodes-

Astrological Roadmaps
The South and North Nodes are not planets, but are opposite points in the ecliptic path that form what is known as the "nodal axis". The South Node represents an energy that is very familiar and probably very much a part of our predisposition. Since this is comfortable territory, we may instinctively retreat there when life's challenges arise. It represents our strengths and abilities, but because it is a place where we can be overly attached, a balance, represented by the North Node, is needed for the soul's growth. We are to bring into proper alignment and balance the innate gifts and strengths of the South Node.

The North Node, always in the opposite sign and house from the South Node, represents the unfamiliar territory that is needed to balance the expression of the South Node. This is a new location for psychological and spiritual growth, and consequently, is strange and difficult. If we are overly entrenched in the South Node expression, particularly in its negative expression, we may get experiences as lessons that pull us toward the North Node.

Because of the North Node's initial qualities of being foreign and unfamiliar to us, we may have to work long and hard to achieve a sense of mastery in its territory. However, by consciously working through the tasks of the South Node, we open a doorway to the North Node and can move toward a path of achieving a sense of balance and fulfillment.

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