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The Planets:

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dot.jpg - 832 BytesMars
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Astrological Signs
The Houses


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Planetary Rulers

-Planetary Rulers -

Astrological Roadmaps
The planet which rules the Ascendant is called the planetary ruler and is critical to its expression. Since the Ascendant advises how to best organize a graceful, centered, and poised social personality,that is, an adaptive social mask that enables us to present ourselves in a way that is successful and comfortable, the Ruler of the Ascendant takes that process a step further. By sign and house, it plays a pivotal role in helping us establish an individual sense of identity and personal distinction by showing us qualities we must learn to manifest skillfully in order to feel comfortable and centered. A strongly positive response to the energy of the planetary ruler generates in us a positive feeling about ourselves and a successful adaptation to everyday life. By sign and house placement, the planetary ruler reflects issues we must sort through and master that directly affect our style, presentation, and self-confidence in the social world. cover
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  • Mars rules Aries
  • Venus rules Taurus
  • Mercury rules Gemini
  • Moon rules Cancer
  • Sun rules Leo
  • Mercury rules Virgo
  • Venus rules Libra
  • Pluto rules Scorpio
  • Jupiter rules Sagittarius
  • Saturn rules Capricorn
  • Uranus rules Aquarius
  • Neptune rules Pisces
  • Chiron rules Sagittarius and Virgo

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