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Astrology, when practiced well, is quite remarkable. Each of us was born to discover and express something that is extremely precious and unique to ourselves. And, as we discover more clearly what this precious expression is and its ensuing purpose, our ability to create harmony and joy in our lives becomes clearer. Our ability to express generosity, love and hope to those we care about, occurs more often. Our lives begin to feel deeply meaningful.

An astrological chart is a map for this important journey, and contains the valuable hints and clues that can guide us to our very best. We all begin our journey with a zest and passion for life, inspired by the inherent possibilities at our disposal. And then, as we grow up, we face life with its vast complexities and difficulties. Frequently we are discouraged, and think that because life seems so difficult, that we are doing something wrong. However, in fact, the precise difficulties that we face, and which we think shouldn't be there if we were doing things correctly, are the exact doorways to our deep happiness, if we but learn how to "move through them," rather than around them. Astrology is here to assist this important work. Many people are taught to avoid discomfort at all costs, and to seek security. What we are not taught is that what we avoid, we magnetically call to ourselves; if we are willing face our fears and our anxieties, great wisdom, creativity, and zest for life becomes available. An astrological chart reading will describe the precise nature of these patterns in our lives, and will explain possible ways to navigate through them.

Perhaps you know of astrology through newspaper horoscopes. They may be entertaining, but in reality, they are not useful astrology. Based on sun sign only, they are merely a shallow pretense of a deeper art. Real astrology deals with the placements of the nine planets at your birth, and their relationship to each other, which gives a unique picture of you alone.

Maybe what you know of astrology is through Sun Signs. This is the popularized version of astrology wherein you look up the meaning of your Sun Sign to gain a little self understanding. But in fact, the Sun Sign is only a small fraction of what genuine astrology is about. Most likely you've noticed that in reading a Sun Sign book, you get only a glimpse or a fraction of who you are. A full interpretation based on your unique chart highlights the varied and complex texture of your essence and purpose.

The placement of the planets tells us where the action will be in your life's journey, and what dilemmas you will face. It is our job to clearly communicate the meaning of your planetary placements and to discern for you the remarkable possibilities for self expression that you were born with, and the specific work you must do to manifest your highest potential and greatest joy. Every astrology map describes your personal tasks for transforming your life. In fact, there might be a few dragons along the way that you must slay. Or, with the right kind of information, you might purely outwit and bamboozle them. It helps to know the territory ahead of time, and this is how genuine astrology provides a tremendous gift.

At your birth, all of the planets, the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, were in a sign, and placed in a house in your chart. Each planet symbolizes some aspect of your personality. The Sun represents your individuality and a new expression you have come to learn. Venus represents how you share your "heart," and what it is you need to feel loved. Mars represents where you have come to learn new lessons in assertiveness. Mercury represents how you communicate and where your key lessons of communication will occur. Jupiter represents a natural abundance of talent that if expressed correctly, inspires great optimism and faith. Saturn represents your innate fear patterns, and what you tend to avoid because you fear failing again. If we develop discipline and tenacity to face these aversions, great wisdom, strength and self confidence can develop. Uranus represents your originality and what you must transcend to courageously express it. Neptune represents the force of your imagination, so it's a creative hot spot, and often represents how you escape reality through fantasy and delusion. And, and by house placement, Neptune represents where you tend to live in a dream, and what it is you must do to embrace reality, thus utilizing your imagination and keen sensitivity. Pluto represents your life's purpose and the specific kinds of impediments--obsessions, compulsions, fixations--that you must transform into conscious use, to live a passionate and deeply meaningful life.

All of your struggles, predicaments, and specific riddles are designed for one reason: to bring out your best as long as you are willing to work for it, and as long as you do not unwittingly make the mistake of succumbing to an inaccurate interpretation of your life's dilemmas wherein you drink from the sweet bottle of self-pity, despair, arrogance, victimhood and resentment, thus killing joy, creativity, and the opportunities for transcendence and triumph that rest right on your finger tips, if you have eyes to see with. An astrological reading will give you these "eyes."

A chart reading will specifically identify these themes and will tell you, by month and day, when these important spiritual, watershed landmarks will be activated by the transits of the planets, and what you will be "precisely" challenged to learn. It pays to know what's coming. And, it's a lot more fun.

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