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Your Lovers' Lane

About this section...

Do you ever wonder what your relationship needs are? Ever wonder what patterns you repeat that keep recreating the same results? Ever wonder what insight would be helpful in understanding the romance needs of your partner?

Each month, we will highlight one sign and some of the themes around love and relationship that may show up for those with an attunement to that sign. While the Sun sign may play an important role in relationship needs and style, it is nevertheless a small piece of a broader picture which includes the Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, Mars, and any planets that may aspect them. Reading "Lovers' Lane" sign of the month will give you a piece of insight if you or your partner has Sun, Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, or Mars in that sign.

Taped, personalized love, romance, and relationship services are now available to give you more in-depth and personal coverage, ranging from shorter interpretations around individual needs to the more complex relationship and synastry interpretations geared toward the potential dynamics between two individuals.

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Scorpio in Love

Posted 10/14/2019

The Scorpio attuned lover will be intense, passionate, and sexy. Because his feelings are very deep and concentrated, he may be slow to trust, but he is possessive once he loves and is committed.

His evolutionary goal is to form very close, soul penetrating bonds that embody deep feeling and which surrender in passionate sexual connection. He will have a laser-like ability to read you and may have a gaze or stare that makes you feel as though he sees right through you. He probably does. Even though he will want to

penetrate the recesses of your soul, he probably will be reluctant to reveal as much of himself until a bond of trust has been built. Trust is extremely important to the Scorpio lover, and if you betray that trust, you will not be easily forgiven. Because of Scorpio's intensity and passion, he is not for the faint-hearted.

Although he has tremendous control over his outward emotional expression, he is nevertheless very emotional and needs lots of love, reassurance, and affection. If his needs are not met, he may brood instead of expressing what he needs. Encourage him to gently peel away the armor of defenses as he learns to trust. Once he does love and trust, he will be a devoted, passionate, and loyal lover with an unparalleled potential to form "soul-mate" connections.

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