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Your Lovers' Lane

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Do you ever wonder what your relationship needs are? Ever wonder what patterns you repeat that keep recreating the same results? Ever wonder what insight would be helpful in understanding the romance needs of your partner?

Each month, we will highlight one sign and some of the themes around love and relationship that may show up for those with an attunement to that sign. While the Sun sign may play an important role in relationship needs and style, it is nevertheless a small piece of a broader picture which includes the Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, Mars, and any planets that may aspect them. Reading "Lovers' Lane" sign of the month will give you a piece of insight if you or your partner has Sun, Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, or Mars in that sign.

Taped, personalized love, romance, and relationship services are now available to give you more in-depth and personal coverage, ranging from shorter interpretations around individual needs to the more complex relationship and synastry interpretations geared toward the potential dynamics between two individuals.

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Leo in Love

Posted 08/04/2020

There's something very, very natural about Leo and love. They go togetherlike peanut butter and jelly. Leo's shining star embodies love in that he wants to give it, and of course, to get it back. Leo likes to woo with flair and generosity. He may even see his lover as a trophy, or mamake some dramatic displays of affection. After all, love and romance are a big deal to Leo.

Above all, if you have a Leo attuned lover, it is important to make him feel appreciated. Feed his ego and confidence, and you'll likely have a loyal partner. His generosity is big, but he may forget the small things occasionally. This is not an intentional slight, but Leo gets wrapped up in the big picture and sometimes forgets to step outside himself. Here's a typical scenario at the dinner table:

Leo's Partner: "Why do you always put the salt out of my reach after you use it?"

Leo: "Oh, I didn't mean to."

But, this scene plays itself out numerous times until the partner gets her own salt shaker. He isn't going to remember to put the salt shaker withinher reach, but, she will have the biggest bouquet of flowers on the block when holiday time arrives because the big displays are his style.

If you try to change a Leo attuned lover, you'll most likely be shoveling sand against the tide unless he also carries significant mutable planets in his chart. Leo is a fixed sign, and he is convinced of his kingly status. Treat him like a King, and you'll be a Queen in return. Just make sure that excessive self-absorption doesn't undercut his strong potential to be a leader, to shine, and to bring out the very best in others, and you.

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