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Your Lovers' Lane

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Do you ever wonder what your relationship needs are? Ever wonder what patterns you repeat that keep recreating the same results? Ever wonder what insight would be helpful in understanding the romance needs of your partner?

Each month, we will highlight one sign and some of the themes around love and relationship that may show up for those with an attunement to that sign. While the Sun sign may play an important role in relationship needs and style, it is nevertheless a small piece of a broader picture which includes the Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, Mars, and any planets that may aspect them. Reading "Lovers' Lane" sign of the month will give you a piece of insight if you or your partner has Sun, Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, or Mars in that sign.

Taped, personalized love, romance, and relationship services are now available to give you more in-depth and personal coverage, ranging from shorter interpretations around individual needs to the more complex relationship and synastry interpretations geared toward the potential dynamics between two individuals.

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Aquarius in Love

Posted 01/26/2020

"Meek wifehood is no part of my profession; I am your friend. but never your possession." - Vera Brittain

Because Aquarius is cerebral, the lover with strong Aquarius probably won't be given to emotional displays of romance. Aquarius wants to be your friend, and a loyal one at that. Aquarius can love deeply, but what may appear to be detachment is just logic to him. He needs independence and freedom, and

will grant you the same. The Aquarian lover can be away from you while not calling or writing love letters, and the response will be, "You know i love you, so what's the problem?" Thus, you must be prepared to do without many romantic gestures or poetic declarations of love, which he considers irrational.

Aquarius will be faithful to his ideals, so loyalty is paramount.

Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, he is not likely to shift his perspective easily. He has carefully reasoned his viewpoints, and will be unwaveringly loyal to truth - his truth - and may not be flexible about looking at his own shortcomings. When you try to point them out, you may be seen as unnecessarily emotional. He needs to be recognized for his original thought and his uniqueness. He may not conform to societal expectations, and wants to be respected for his courage in pointing out the flaws inherent in cultural paradigms.

Aquarius can be a wonderful companion with whom to share intellect, ideals, and humanitarian and social concerns. He has great faith in human capacity to improve. If you respect his intellect, his need for freedom, and can eschew romance novels, Aquarius will be a faithful and loyal companion.

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