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Your Lovers' Lane

About this section...

Do you ever wonder what your relationship needs are? Ever wonder what patterns you repeat that keep recreating the same results? Ever wonder what insight would be helpful in understanding the romance needs of your partner?

Each month, we will highlight one sign and some of the themes around love and relationship that may show up for those with an attunement to that sign. While the Sun sign may play an important role in relationship needs and style, it is nevertheless a small piece of a broader picture which includes the Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, Mars, and any planets that may aspect them. Reading "Lovers' Lane" sign of the month will give you a piece of insight if you or your partner has Sun, Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, or Mars in that sign.

Taped, personalized love, romance, and relationship services are now available to give you more in-depth and personal coverage, ranging from shorter interpretations around individual needs to the more complex relationship and synastry interpretations geared toward the potential dynamics between two individuals.

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Pisces in Love

Posted 02/23/2020

A Pisces attuned lover is among the most romantic you'll ever find. He understands how to create atmosphere for the tenderest of interludes. At his best, a chameleon, he's adaptable as an easy blend with others. Piscean adaptability can be taken too far, however, in that Pisces can imagine himself in love with just about anyone. It's that universal, all encompassing love and the sense of ideal that permeates the Piscean consciousness. As a result, and Shakespeare knew, that “Love is blind, and lovers cannot see / The pretty follies that themselves commit. “

The follies that Piscean lovers are easily trapped by are

self-sacrifice, playing roles of the victim or the rescuer, and having high ideals that fall far short of reality. It is therefore important for him to be in relationships with a clear sense of boundaries and in which roles are clearly defined.

Pisces energy may seem elusive or evasive - not as a means to hurt, but because he is often not sure where he stands because of the fluidity of his nature. He needs sanctuary as a means to renew. It is best to give some space on that, because if he is pressured or the going gets tough, he might disappear.

A Piscean lover has a very vulnerable and sensitive nature, even if he denies it or tries to cover it up. Always be mindful of treating his feelings with the utmost tenderness, and you will have a loyal and devoted partner who will swim the deepest oceans to please you.

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