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Your Lovers' Lane

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Do you ever wonder what your relationship needs are? Ever wonder what patterns you repeat that keep recreating the same results? Ever wonder what insight would be helpful in understanding the romance needs of your partner?

Each month, we will highlight one sign and some of the themes around love and relationship that may show up for those with an attunement to that sign. While the Sun sign may play an important role in relationship needs and style, it is nevertheless a small piece of a broader picture which includes the Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, Mars, and any planets that may aspect them. Reading "Lovers' Lane" sign of the month will give you a piece of insight if you or your partner has Sun, Moon, the Ascendant, Venus, or Mars in that sign.

Taped, personalized love, romance, and relationship services are now available to give you more in-depth and personal coverage, ranging from shorter interpretations around individual needs to the more complex relationship and synastry interpretations geared toward the potential dynamics between two individuals.

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Cancer in Love

Posted 06/21/2006

Cancer in Love

The Cancer attuned lover is the most sensitive and emotionally vulnerable. Because security is a real need for Cancer, commitments will be strong once they are made. However, Cancer may be slow to commit because the idea of rejection is abhorrent. Cancer needs to be wooed with kindness and gentleness.

The Cancer lover often comes with a predisposition to either be a mother or to want protection. You might get treated to lots of wonderful dinners and reminiscing about the past. Once Cancer is on the road to commitment, he will be possessive because security is such a large part of his consciousness. His penchant for security will make him a conscientious provider and loyal protector. If his security gets threatened, whether real or imaginary, Cancer will be moody and could even resort to some passive-aggressive criticism or martyr-like behavior. As long as he feels safe and secure, all is well.

Family ties and tradition are important to Cancer. Honoring the past and family ties as well as creating new family traditions will be part of his routine. He needs them for a “sense of place” in the world. The historian of the zodiac, Cancer remembers everything, including your worst, most insensitive moments. Make those as few as possible and you will enjoy unparalleled caretaking and loyalty.

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