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Your Child's Road to Joy and Happiness ...

About this section... The Moon is a critical piece to understanding the needs, the intrinsic natures, and the natural predispositions of your children. Its sign placement holds some keys to understanding what makes them feel loved, comfortable, and nurtured. The Moon placement in children's charts suggests their emotional styles and tells something about how they experience their home environment, their family, and especially, their mother. The Moon, if supported early on, leads to a sense of children feeling nurtured and "at home". Knowing the entire Moon story on your children - signs, house placements, and aspects to other planets can help parents foster a strong sense of well-being in their sons and daughters.

Each month we will highlight a sign and relate it to the Moon expression. Taped, personalized interpretations of children's charts, as well as relationship interpretations between parent and a child, are available services.

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Moon in Aquarius - The Path to Emotional Independence

Posted 01/26/2020

"I wanted to be free, free to do and to give as my whims dictated. The moment anything was expected or demanded of me, I balked. That independence." - Henry Miller

A child born with Moon in Aquarius arrives with an emotional nature that is one of the least emotional, at least outwardly. This is the Moon sign that intellectualizes feelings. Emotional displays are not comfortable to this Moon sign, so a Moon in Aquarius child may repress or rationalize their feeling states away. If feeling states are not processed in a timely fashion, there might be an unexpected explosion. Parents would do well to help a Moon in Aquarius child recognize that it is appropriate and healthful to speak about feelings.

Nevertheless, this child is going to feel nurtured and at home when his originality of thought and creativity are supported. The child needs guidelines, of course, but should be allowed independence where appropriate. When positive activities are not provided, an Aquarian Moon could stage being "a rebel without a cause". He will probably have little tolerance for what he perceives as unfair. Allow him his unique expression while guiding him into appropriate ways of being different.

As an Air sign, Aquarius needs encouragement and support around mental and intellectual activities. Science fairs may be just thing! Encourage independent thought, group activities, and involvement with social and humanitarian concerns. Recognize him for achievement in these areas, treat him with fairness, support his associations that help foster his sense of ideals, and he will feel loved.

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