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Your Child's Road to Joy and Happiness ...

About this section... The Moon is a critical piece to understanding the needs, the intrinsic natures, and the natural predispositions of your children. Its sign placement holds some keys to understanding what makes them feel loved, comfortable, and nurtured. The Moon placement in children's charts suggests their emotional styles and tells something about how they experience their home environment, their family, and especially, their mother. The Moon, if supported early on, leads to a sense of children feeling nurtured and "at home". Knowing the entire Moon story on your children - signs, house placements, and aspects to other planets can help parents foster a strong sense of well-being in their sons and daughters.

Each month we will highlight a sign and relate it to the Moon expression. Taped, personalized interpretations of children's charts, as well as relationship interpretations between parent and a child, are available services.

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Moon in Cancer - The Path to Emotional Sensitivity

Posted 07/05/2010

"I can't live life without that blanket. I can't face life unarmed."

(Linus) - Charles Schultz

The child who arrives with Moon in Cancer will be extremely sensitive and emotional. Moods may fluctuate, as Moon in Cancer children tend to be especially sensitive to the Moon's phases, as well as to the emotional climate within their environment. Walls of protection may be erected as a defense against extreme vulnerability; therefore, encouraging expression of feelings is important.

Moon in Cancer children may seem like little mothers looking for babies, or oversensitivity may make them seem like babies. Feelings are tender and easily bruised, so it might be helpful to guide these children in noticing when situations that are hurtful to them are not personal affronts.

Sensitive to family dynamics and the family, security is important to these children. They will be the quintessential security blanket holders and will likely enjoy acting out parent roles when they are little. Be careful that food doesn't become a means of solace, and discourage age-inappropriate dependency and neediness. As they grow older, they will likely take an interest in family traditions and history. Keep photo albums, cherished heirlooms, and information about family lineage up to date. Because security is important to these children, teach them about finances early on. Moon in Cancer children may worry about taking care of others, or even try to become a mother to a sibling or parent. Teaching these children that creating dependency in others is not a way to become loved or truly needed.

When Moon in Cancer children feel secure and protected themselves, they can become wonderfully sensitive and caring support for others in distress. Moon in Cancer children will be the ones that friends come to for solace. Moon in Cancer children will be loyal and committed to family when they have had the love, support, and nurturing that are essential to their sense of happiness and fulfillment.

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