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Your Child's Road to Joy and Happiness ...

About this section... The Moon is a critical piece to understanding the needs, the intrinsic natures, and the natural predispositions of your children. Its sign placement holds some keys to understanding what makes them feel loved, comfortable, and nurtured. The Moon placement in children's charts suggests their emotional styles and tells something about how they experience their home environment, their family, and especially, their mother. The Moon, if supported early on, leads to a sense of children feeling nurtured and "at home". Knowing the entire Moon story on your children - signs, house placements, and aspects to other planets can help parents foster a strong sense of well-being in their sons and daughters.

Each month we will highlight a sign and relate it to the Moon expression. Taped, personalized interpretations of children's charts, as well as relationship interpretations between parent and a child, are available services.

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Moon in Pisces - Path to Emotional Transcendence

Posted 02/23/2020

"This is serious," said Pooh. I must have an Escape." - A. A. Milne

A child born with Moon in Pisces arrives with an extremely sensitive nature and will easily absorb the undercurrents of whatever environment she is in. This emotional vulnerability has potential to make her feel overwhelmed by the suffering of others; thus, she should not be a sounding board for parental problems. She will want to save those suffering and will feel helpless. Because boundary structures are not already in place for the Moon in Pisces child, she should be encouraged to make distinctions between her own suffering and that of others.

Easily influenced and impressionable because of lack of boundaries, the company she keeps is very important. Her compassion should be channeled

into worthy charitable causes.

Imagination is strong in Pisces Moon children. Creative artistry -

poetry, dance, painting, writing, acting - all are means for a positive expression and for recharging batteries from the sometimes difficult world. Encouraging discipline to truly make progress with a creative expression is important. Provide focused structure to help keep the fluid Pisces energy in a container, as creativity needs a vessel. Reading fantasy and spiritual studies will feel natural to these children.

On the other hand, don't allow escapism from responsibility or a tendency to play the victim. Time alone may be necessary for recharging batteries, and a sacred sanctuary for Moon in Pisces is going to help her feel nurtured and cared for. Creative artistry and a sanctuary are the elements which will help the emotionally sensitive and vulnerable child find transcendence from life's harsh realities. Be watchful for any tendencies toward unhealthful addictions, and make sure energy is channeled into creative arts and spiritual studies. With appropriate support, the Moon in Pisces child will be unsurpassed for compassion and devotion.

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