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Your Child's Road to Joy and Happiness ...

About this section... The Moon is a critical piece to understanding the needs, the intrinsic natures, and the natural predispositions of your children. Its sign placement holds some keys to understanding what makes them feel loved, comfortable, and nurtured. The Moon placement in children's charts suggests their emotional styles and tells something about how they experience their home environment, their family, and especially, their mother. The Moon, if supported early on, leads to a sense of children feeling nurtured and "at home". Knowing the entire Moon story on your children - signs, house placements, and aspects to other planets can help parents foster a strong sense of well-being in their sons and daughters.

Each month we will highlight a sign and relate it to the Moon expression. Taped, personalized interpretations of children's charts, as well as relationship interpretations between parent and a child, are available services.

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Moon in Leo

Posted 08/04/2020

The Path to Emotional Self-Expression

A child born with Moon in Leo has an instinctive nature to be playful,humorous, and good-spirited. Enthusiasm, a sunny disposition, and outpourings of love and generosity make this child a joy. The Leo Moon child should be encouraged to pursue creative, artistic, and athletic talents because they will make him feel happy and can also be a source of the recognition he inwardly craves. In fact, it is very important for the Leo Moon child to receive lots of praise and recognition for his efforts.

Encouraging leadership roles will feed his intrinsic nature.

A natural actor, he could be emotionally dramatic when sensitive issues arise. While it is important for him to express his emotional side, he could fall into embellishment of details and overdramatization of situations. Appropriate guidance in terms of keeping things in perspective will be helpful to this child. Likewise, criticism and correction for Leo Moon children should be handled gently and with respect while praise is simulteaneously offered. Leo Moon children can be reluctant to accept criticism, as they may internalize it as a blow to their egos. If a Leo

Moon child should show signs of self-centeredness, encourage those displays of love and generosity of spirit when Leo shines at his best. He will like drama, and perhaps be attracted to grandiose displays, both materially and in personality. Encourage the best in his nature, and you will have a warm-hearted and delightful child who makes the world a brighter place.

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