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Your Child's Road to Joy and Happiness ...

About this section... The Moon is a critical piece to understanding the needs, the intrinsic natures, and the natural predispositions of your children. Its sign placement holds some keys to understanding what makes them feel loved, comfortable, and nurtured. The Moon placement in children's charts suggests their emotional styles and tells something about how they experience their home environment, their family, and especially, their mother. The Moon, if supported early on, leads to a sense of children feeling nurtured and "at home". Knowing the entire Moon story on your children - signs, house placements, and aspects to other planets can help parents foster a strong sense of well-being in their sons and daughters.

Each month we will highlight a sign and relate it to the Moon expression. Taped, personalized interpretations of children's charts, as well as relationship interpretations between parent and a child, are available services.

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Moon in Libra - The Path to Emotional Balance and Inner Harmony

Posted 09/23/2020

"But I want first of be at peace with myself....I want to live.... an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can betransformed intooutward harmony." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

A child born with Moon in Libra will be strongly attuned to the Libran themes of peace and harmony. Gentle and well-mannered, this child has a strong need to be in an environment that is peaceful and settled down. He will be very sensitive to any conflict in the air and may be drawn to becoming a peacekeeper or meditator between any warring parties. He may need to be taught discernment around what conflicts he is responsible for, and those he is not (such as his parent's conflicts!). Since Libra is so wired toward diplomacy and keeping the peace, he may need some lessons around appropriate self-assertion. Knowing when to express one's own desires is an important lesson.

The Moon in Libra child will feel nurtured and supported when given an opportunity to express artistic talents. He probably carries an aesthetic sense of color, form, shape, and texture. Any artistic expression such as decorating, painting, dance, music, or art form helps him achieve a sense of inner balance and emotional expression that supports his sense of well-being. This child may have a keen eye on a sense of fairness and justice. Support any interests that foster learning and communication about such themes. When this child knows that he is treated fairly and when his intrinsic needs for balance and harmony are met, he will feel at home.

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