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About this section... Each month we will take you on a journey through an astrological chart. Step by step, we will show the art of interpreting a chart and in so doing, attempt to assist you in understanding how the astrological symbols can be used in a sane, useful and practical manner. A visual of Bill Knick's chart is located on the message board in "The Teaching Stop." Comments are welcome and encouraged.

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An Interpretation

Posted 08/04/2007

The following birth data will be utilized for our astrological analysis: July 28th, 1943, 11:17 AM, CWT, Portland, Oregon.

As you can see by looking at Bill Knicks' chart, he has his Sun at 04 degrees Leo and Jupiter/Pluto at 06 Leo in the 10th House of Career. The Moon is at 27 Gemini, with Saturn at 22 Gemini and Uranus at 07 Gemini in the 9th House of Spiritual Questing and Higher Education. The South Node lies at 16 Aquarius in the 5th House of Creativity, Playfulness, and Performance, with the North Node at the opposite point at 16 Leo in the 11th house of Futuristic Revolution, Friends, and Humanitarian and Community Service.

Also in the 11th are Mercury at 16 Leo, Chiron at 00 Virgo, and the Part of Fortune at 02 Virgo. Venus at 15 Virgo and Neptune at 29 Virgo reside in the 12th House of Compassion, the Soul, Ego Transcendence, the Unconscious, & Addictions. Mars rests in Taurus in the 8th House of Deep Transformative Change, and Death and Rebirth. Finally, his Ascendant is 09 Libra.

At first glance, what do you see? Three planets in Gemini in the 9th House, three planets in Leo in the 10th House, and four planetary influences in the 11th House, and three planets in Virgo. We might say that he has come to embody and to express himself as a teacher/writer (Gemini), as a performer/leader (Leo), and as a servant/perfectionist (Virgo). But, first, we must address this primary question: Where does the astrological reading begin? We begin with the South Node, since this point delineates instinctively operating predispositions and talents.

Bill's South Node is in Aquarius in the 5th House. If I had been sitting with Bill's mother shortly after his birth, I would have advised her that her son has arrived with some natural Aquarian gifts and predispositions; that is, he is inclined to be an innovative and futuristic thinker, an intellectual idealist with an eye for instigating revolution that creates greater freedom of opportunity and self-expression for himself and others, and one who is not afraid to stand outside the cultural opinions of the day. He is, most likely, a natural born rebel, inventor, genius, and truth-sayer. Marking his soul are his passion for seeing the larger picture, his capacity to analyze complex variables to arrive at higher awareness and wisdom, and his ability to use intelligence and conscience to formulate principles to live by.

In addition, with the South Node in the 5th House, he arrives with natural instincts for being a 5th House performer, perhaps one who relies on the Aquarian skills of intelligence and originality for his self-expression and success. Nonetheless, he will instinctively be driven to develop his inherent creative gifts and to put them on stage, if he is encouraged and supported in these efforts. He will be able to combine intelligence and analytical reasoning (Aquarius) with his inherited capacities to be a creative artist or performer (5th House). He will follow his own path and his singular conscience (Aquarius) in the fulfillment of his creative potential (5th). How exactly he will do this is a mystery.

Bill's Sun is in Leo in the 10th house with a stellium of Leo planets. His Sun is conjunct both Jupiter and Pluto. It also forms a sextile to his Ascendant in Libra and to Neptune in Virgo, but the tight Jupiter/Pluto conjunction with his Sun is the most potent aspect. Since the Sun represents a point of self-actualization and a place Bill has come to shine, he ultimately has the task to become the Leo performer in the 10th house of career. What Leo expressions might he develop?

One archetype for Leo is that of the Performer/Clown. He might be a comedian, one who brings and uses humor as a part of the way he represents himself. On the other hand, he could embody the Leo archetype of the Aristocrat and carry himself with Leonine dignity and leadership skill. Leo is challenged at his best to be a performer/achiever, and to inspire others to achieve as well. Bill could be salesman of the Year and lead training sessions to help others achieve their goals; Bill could be a politician who leads with dignity; Bill could be a movie star who entertains. If Bill were to get stuck in the shadow of Leo, he could play the role of self-centered "cute little boy" who never grows up and takes responsibility. Or, he could be overly impressed with his own sense of importance and actually alienate others, when it is approval and appreciation he seeks.

But, with Sun conjunct Pluto and Jupiter, there is another dimension to the Sun story. Jupiter expands and inflates what it touches, as well as contributing to a sense of hope, faith, confidence, and optimism. So, we know that for Bill, his sense of feeling a strong self-confidence, goal-orientation, enthusiasm and perhaps benevolence toward others, rests on his capacity to shine in his career. The downside of Jupiterian expression in Leo is one who carries an arrogance that might give him a kingly sense of being "above it all". This might not only alienate him from others, but also cause him to trip up by taking excessive risks or by overlooking details that need attention. Jupiter conjunct Sun in Leo also carries with it tremendous potential to be creative, to find self-expression through career, and to be a "shining star" in his realm as long as he does not allow excessive pride or arrogance to undermine those skills.

Pluto conjunct the Sun and Jupiter adds another critical and complex piece to Bill's astrological assignment. Pluto could show up in a variety of ways, and probably will be expressed differently at various times in his development. Pluto represents power and passion on one level, and so Bill was born with an intense sense that his destiny is to distinguish himself in a very grand way. He may have a strong drive to uncover Plutonian truths and find that his connections take him into "taboo" territories where angels fear to tread. If he were to make a negative response to Pluto in not using his power for healthy transformation, he could fall into the trap of arrogance, suspicion, and perhaps even become a paranoid leader who abuses positions of power.

However, just because Pluto is conjunct the Sun and Jupiter, it does not mean that Bill automatically fell into any of these roles early on. Pluto's placement in the chart tells us that this is a place of transformation. So, something must be transformed before Bill's high destiny with the best and highest Leo expression occurs. In fact, the Plutonian wound often shows up in a person who has this strong sense of destiny, but who has no clue how he is going to meet it, as though there is a sense of a journey in progress, but the destination is elusive. Maybe the Plutonian wound came through someone telling Bill that he was never going to amount to anything. Maybe someone laughed at him when he said he wanted to be a movie star or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Maybe his father figure (Sun) provided no male role model or left a psychological scar. Maybe Bill's drive for a Leonine success story went unconscious in such a way that he lost belief (Jupiter) in his ability to be "somebody". In any case, whatever his story, he is here to transform (Pluto) his sense of identity (Sun) in a way that his beliefs and faith (Jupiter) are restored. Sun in Leo in the 10th tells us how this can happen for Bill, if he takes a leap of faith (Jupiter) and allows his ability to shine (Sun) to emerge.

We may not know the details of Bill's wound, or to what extent he has taken the high road in responding to his challenges, but we do know that his greatest potential for success and sense of purpose lies in the 10th house of career and public reputation through his capacity to be a star performer and to pass on enthusiastic inspiration to others.

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