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Daily Road Conditions...
For Monday, May 29, 2017


The Moon enters playful Leo at 8:12 AM EDT to add some humor to the atmosphere. It's time to shine in your chosen arena, so be confident as you go about your business. Drama may increase as needs for self-expression and recognition are on the increase.

Today's Mars - Saturn opposition, however, outs a wet blanket on attempts to make progress. Expect obstacles and delays to work through. That doesn't mean you cannot make progress. Slow down. Take no shortcuts. Obey the rules. Stay positive!

This is Memorial Day in the USA. We honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country. God bless America.

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Today's Thought:

I am both a Christian and an astrologer. Long before I discovered that my Sun-Sign is Gemini, I had a deep faith in God. So whatever insight I receive from astrology, I believe comes from The Creator, who put the planets in the heavens. - Zane Stein

Drive Safely - and out for the other guy!

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